Arts + Adventures = Artventurer.  I love to try new things and many of my experiences don't quite fit into the "Actor" or "Teaching Artist" categories.  Here are all of my other artistic endeavors.


My love of the arts began with a love of singing.  I've been taking private lessons for over 12 years and am a current student of Estill Voice Training.  By continuing to study, I am able to bring what I am learning from my teachers to my students.  On top of performing in musicals, I also have experience singing special events, like military balls, weddings and holiday parties.  Contact me for more information.

Cincinnati Digital Photography

Cincinnati Digital Photography

Science and Arts Educator.

For the past two years, I've been on quite the adventure working as an Outreach Presenter for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History's Large Assembly Program.  I'm moving onward and upward now to the education department at CMNH.  Science is lovely and all, but I think it's way more fun when explored through the arts, so I'm working on infusing some arts education into the science curriculum at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.  

See my little artists?  They're creating an Egyptian frieze with paint they created

with copper sulfate, just like the Ancient Egyptians would have!

© Carnegie Museum of Natural History, used with permission. Photos by  Josh Franzos.

Board Member.  Director.  Choreographer.

Throughline's  Oedipus Rex.  Photo by Rick Moore.

Throughline's Oedipus Rex. Photo by Rick Moore.

My newest role is joining Throughline Theater's Board of Directors.  I have worked with Throughline since 2010 and am elated to be working with them in this capacity.  They have asked me to become the Director of Education for their company, so I am currently brainstorming and beginning to create projects we will take into schools in the future.  

Being a teaching artist has opened some doors into the world of bringing performances to life, not just as an actor but as a member on the production team as well.  My experiences in dance and movement led me to choreographing Throughline Theatre Company's Oedipus Rex and Accent Music and School of Performing Arts' Alice in Wonderland.

I recently made my assistant directing debut with Throughline's Medea.  It was a fantastic learning experience with a wonderful production team to collaborate with and I am grateful for the opportunity.  To read what the critics had to say, check out this review and this review.

...[Medea] continues to provide relevant social and political subject matter relating to gender roles, ostracism, xenophobia, and psychology. Throughline Theatre Company’s current production, directed by Michael McBurney with the help of Assistant Director Katie Trupiano, brings these themes to life with a modern-sounding adaptation done (for the most part) in classic style.
— Pittsburgh Theater Blog
The hard-working chorus (every Greek tragedy has one) rarely leaves the stage. Choreographer Katie Trupiano keeps them from being static...
— F.J. Hartland, City Paper, July 24, 2013