Happy 2016!

Happy, happy new year, dear friends!  Hope you're recovering well from starting off the New Year right (as I'm sure we all did!).  It's the time for resolutions, possibly my least favorite thing in the world (yay!).  Instead of trying to make one goal for the ENTIRE YEAR (which just seems ridiculous), I try to break up my resolutions into months, and then I feel good about myself when I have a successful month, instead of being mad about breaking my resolution three days in.

So I'm posting some artistic goals I have for each month this year, complete with shows I'm looking forward to and fun things to do around Pittsburgh!  If nothing else, make a resolution to see more art, even if it's just once a month!  I'm starting with January through June, since there's always so much going on in the city.  I'll be sure to get another mid-year resolution list out in June or July!

ETA: For a more awesomely complete list, check out artsburgh.org for ALL ART ALL THE TIME.


  • Second City is performing at the Public Theater downtown!  I'll be there Friday night!
  • The winter Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District is January 22.
  • A new improv troupe is happening in Irwin, not too far from Pittsburgh!  I trust it's in good hands, thanks to director Joe Connelly.  Check them out at the Lamp Theatre.
  • Assassins opens at the end of the month produced by Split Stage out in Greensburg!  Incredible show, super relevant.  Promises to be great!



  • Can I tell you how excited I am that Bridges of Madison County is coming to town?  Get tickets!
  • Bricolage will be putting together B.U.S. 11 this year!  A great event every year!
  • Saltworks Young Actors Studio is venturing into the world of radio plays and I am helping them out!  Their website will have more information about tickets as it gets closer! (And you can still sign your student up!)
  • No Name Players' Support Women Artists Now (SWAN) Day will be March 26.  I've never been to this event, but I'm looking forward to it this year!


  • The spring Gallery Crawl in the Cultural Trust is April 22.
  • The Rep Company at the Pittsburgh Playhouse is performing The Flick about underpaid, underemployed young people (sound familiar?).  Directed by Robert A. Miller, son of Arthur Miller, you know, the playwright.  NBD.
  • Barebones Productions is doing One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest at the end of this month and into May.  I'm looking forward to seeing this show for the first time.
  • One of my favorite operas, The Barber of Seville, is being performed by the Pittsburgh Opera.


  • There is a Pittsburgh Sketch Crawl on May 14 that sounds pretty cool to me.  Walk around downtown Pittsburgh and sketch all the cool things?  I'm in.
  • The Children's Theater Festival is May 12-15 which is a blast for adults and kiddos alike!
  • Prime Stage Theater will be performing The Giver, based on one of my favorite YA novels.  I didn't care for the film, so I'm curious to see it adapted for the stage!
  • Off the Wall Theater in Carnegie is doing Musical of Musicals which will be hysterical, I'm sure.
  • If you missed Assassins with Split Stage, you get another shot with Stage 62!


Whew, are you exhausted out?  There's so much going on in Pittsburgh and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy some of the things listed here!  Please comment below if you have other great events that weren't mentioned here!  I'd love to know what I'm missing!


Below are some of the fun things I did this past year!  Accomplishments include adding four more states to my list of completed half marathons, visiting the Frick, Fallingwater and the National Aviary for the first time, seeing Niagara Falls (speaking of falling water...), going west of the Mississippi River for the first time (hey Austin, hey LA!), went to Canada, visited Disneyland, performed in four shows, did two staged readings, sang in a choir, worked on a web series, wrote some scripts for science shows at CMNH, filmed a drone instructional video, got to play with a drone, enjoyed two bachelorette parties, partied at five weddings, did a bridal photo shoot, saw one of my best friends perform in two national tours, chopped 10 inches of hair off, made a lot of new friends, celebrated my third wedding anniversary and listened to Hamilton a million times.

Enjoy the photos!