Time to Catch Up!

I'm the worst!  It's been entirely too long since I've done a blog post, and I'm sorry.  I'm sure there were literally thousands of you awaiting my super important words.  (JK I don't really think anyone has been waiting, let alone thousands.)  However, I'm going to mind dump all the things!

Spring has been way crazier than I ever anticipated it being.  

Me: Yay, I'm going to spend my time being productive.

Real Life: Nope, here's a billion things to do!


***This is how it actually went down.

Now that my month of June has nothing on it (other than tech week and performances), I've had some time to reflect and get thoughts in order.  Here we go:

On being an unrehearsed actor (but, like, in a good way):

Last year's theme for a lot of my performances was being young (thank you gods above!).  I played a nine-year-old in Yo, Vikings!, a 12 year old in 25th Annual...Spelling Bee, and I played a high school student in Games of the Mind.  It was great.  This year, the theme is not rehearsing apparently.

The cast of Little Women. 

The cast of Little Women

In case you were unaware, I did this wild and crazy thing called the Confidential Musical Theater Project.  I played Meg in Little Women, but no one knew that, not the audience and not my fellow actors, who I didn't meet until about an hour before the show, and we performed a full length musical that night for the first time.  I was a nervous wreck for most of the day.  I'm sometimes too Type A for my own good, and this was a major challenge for me.  I did my work, learned my songs and my lines, but everything else was out of my hands.  But you know what?  We did it and it was fun and definitely entertaining.  I'm not sure about the quality of it overall, although all the actors were very good, but things like Beth being a wheelchair comprised of a swivel office chair might've broken the mood a bit.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely.  It was a healthy exercise for me as an actor, to remind myself how to play and let go and listen and be in the moment.

Sword fighting at the Unrehearsed workshop in May.

Sword fighting at the Unrehearsed workshop in May.

Soooooo it's a good thing I would do it again, because come July, I'm performing with the New Renaissance Theatre Company and their Unrehearsed Shakespeare Project.  Again, I have my lines and learn all my stuff, but I have no idea what everyone else is doing and I have to be on top of my game during the performances to make sure I'm there to support my fellow actors.  We had a two day workshop at the beginning of May which was amazing and so invigorating as an actor.  I've been out of school for a while (cough six whole years cough) and learning a new skill in such a safe and empowering setting was the greatest.  The most awesome thing is, every show is going to be different, which means you should come see ALLLLLL the shows EVERY NIGHT because you'll never see the same cast, which means every show will be fresh and entertaining (and terrifyingly crazy for me, but I'll be sure to be in control of that by the time performances come around).  Check out the website here for information on when and where we'll be performing.

On wrapping up another school year:

It's really crazy for me to think I've been teaching for six years now.  I still, sometimes, feel like I have no clue what I'm really doing.  But that's okay (see the unrehearsed section above).  It's taken a while to find the companies I'm working for now.  When I first started teaching, I feel like I did a lot of glorified babysitting, working with kids who weren't really interested in the arts and were just there because their parents paid money for them to be there.  But now I'm working for City Theater and PICT and Saltworks and it's great!  This year, City Theater chose another one of my student's play to produce in the fall during the Young Playwrights Festival and I'm so proud!  I've completed my third year of teaching with Saltworks!  I'm infusing arts education into the science curriculum at Carnegie Museum of Natural History and working on developing a new show with a new dinosaur!  I've also done a TON of Spinosaurus Encounter shows because everyone knows teachers are looking for different ways to entertain their students at the end of the school year.  I gave a two day workshop on Hamilton and color-blind v. color-conscious casting.  I helped get awesome Festival Guides trained and being awesome for the Cultural Trust's Children's Theater Festival.  I assisted with another Camp Broadway workshop!  I've taken workshops with Bricolage and GPAC to further hone my craft as a teacher and an artist. And now you know why I haven't had time to write a blog.

On being a regular human who does regular human things:

I celebrated my grandmother's 80th birthday!  I celebrated my friend's baby's first birthday!  Anthony and I completed two more half marathons, which means we're 20% of the way to completing our (super crazy) goal.  We went to North Carolina and Nashville, TN.  I saw some shows!  I stood up in my friend's wedding!  My mom and I had a Pittsburgh staycation!  I went to the Mattress Factory for the first time!  I finally finished Mad Men, finished Agent Carter, am caught up on Game of Thrones, watched the new BBC War and Peace.  I SAW BEYONCE!

And since you can't top seeing Beyonce (until August when I will see Hamilton), I leave you with that.

Happy June, everyone!