2016 Going On 2017

I saw a lot of people post about how horrible 2016 was.  And it was.  For lots of different people for lots of different reasons.  I'm not trying to diminish anyone's feelings for that.

But I do try and start my year fresh and in a good mood (never mind how sick I am as I try to do that), and I like to celebrate the things I've accomplished during the year, so that I don't feel too bad about myself having to start over (again) on all the things I didn't accomplish.

I tell my students a lot (A LOT) that it's okay to go out and have a life and do what you love because theater is always around.  And then I leave the classroom and go beat myself up for a while because I was out having too much fun doing other things.  But you know what?  I deserve to have fun and celebrate and not define myself as only an actor, or only a teaching artist, but also as a friend, and a partner, and a bridesmaid, and a traveler, and so on and so on...

So this blog post is about celebrating the awesome of 2016.  And looking forward to the awesome of 2017.  Hope we can be awesome together in 2017!


Raleigh, Nashville, San Diego, Las Vegas.  38 to go!


My grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday!  I celebrated my 10,000 day alive!  I hosted two bridal showers, stood up in two weddings, and finished the year with an awesome celebration of an awesome lady!  I also went to my 10 year high school reunion and Anthony and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary!


On top of the states we visited for races, I also went to three National Parks (Cuyahoga, Smoky Mountains and Zion), NYC (twice), Chicago, Indiana, Algonac, and had a staycation in Pittsburgh with my mom :)

Things I Saw That Were Awesome:

Hamilton (twice!!!), Waitress (Jessie Mueller is a goddess), BEYONCE!, Audra McDonald, Alan Cumming, my bestie in the national tour of Ragtime!  (And a lot of other stuff, too)

Things I performed in:

A 24 hour play festival, Don't Dress for Dinner, the Pittsburgh premier of the Confidential Musical Theater Project (Little Women, btw), Judgment at Nuremberg (City Paper has it listed as one of the best ensemble performances in 2016), Unrehearsed Shakespeare Project, Children of Eden, Voces Solis' October concert.

All the things I taught or was taught:

IUP, GPAC, completed Leadership Academy with the Arts Education Collaborative, and complete the first two courses of Estill Voice Training.  I taught for City Theater, Throughline, Camp Broadway, Saltworks, Bricolage, CMNH, joined the PEAL steering committee, attended a lot of honest conversations on the state of racial equity in Pittsburgh's art scenes.